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Now we have been in Wengen in a little more than two months with Alpine skiing almost every day. How does the body react and what are the major differences between being on a week’s skiing holiday and to work at a ski resort where skiing is of course an important part of life regardless of what you are working with? We start by talking about our vision a story that can be told over and over again. We were on ski holiday in Wengen in 2015, a year dedicated to skiing where we visited five ski resorts in the winter. In the dining room on the hotel Schönegg we juggled thoughts and questions about our experiences.

The first was the big difference in terms of ages of people you met on the ski slopes in Switzerland over Sweden. It may at first glance fool to believe that this phenomenon has to do with an older crowd chooses to go to Switzerland, which is both right and wrong. It is rather a combination of the older people who come to maturity have higher demands on the quality and experience and have a better understanding of the fact that you get what you pay for. The second is that sports in the alp districts are not limited by age.

Back home in Sweden, we look at aging in a completely different way that many times restricts both our activity when it comes to outdoor activities and sports, but also professional. Then, of course, plays into the traditions and the Alpine tradition goes in a more distinct way from generation to generation in these alpine areas. Skiing is a part off life simply. But some visible changes in Sweden can be seen. When it comes to career, it has become easier for such 50 year olds to get work or dare to change jobs. Health is also more in focus and when it comes to life on the slopes the Stenmark generation breaks pattern by continuing there practice, develop their skiing even when they crossed 50 years of age.

skibum50plus yes name fell on our lips during this dinner at Schönegg, when I was 49 and my partner 53. We first decided that we wanted to invest a year just to go skiing one season and blog about our experiences, we wanted to ski bum something we never done during our youth. Were we too old was also a question we asked ourselves but quickly agreed that age is more a feeling than a limiting fact. To the extent that the body naturally has different conditions than before, it is about adapting to the task. We started our project and skibum50plus name is the name of us. Soon people contacted us and thought the idea was appealing and was wondering if they could participate in our ski experiences. Then the skibum50plus Exclusive Club was born, we have put together offers to members and where are meeting up and take care of the members on location.

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The ski resort we chose for many reasons was Wengen, Switzerland with its solid alpine history, where the first rules for alpine racing was developed in the late 1920s. The resort is snow safe, traffic-free and the Alps best skiing according to several statements from the ski athletes, including Swedish. Many of those working in Wengen with the Alpine tourism activity has for generations deep knowledge of skiing, the maintenance of the slopes, equipment and experience of alpine skiing as organizers and participants in the world’s most famous racing contexts, the Lauberhorn Rennen which is an institution of the alpine world. Here the food is high quality, here you can stay right in the village and quickly get up to the skiing unlike many other ski resorts. Wengen is quiet and pleasant and offer worthy apres ski in the classical sense where the subsequent dinner is the key to give tomorrow’s skiing the time it deserves in these wonderful slopes.

How have our bodies been affected by this intense skiing. Yes the life we ​​are living here is simple in a little staff room at one of our partners Sunstar Alpine Hotel, directly next to the gondola that takes you directly up to the skiing. In the room we live mostly of noodles that we prepare with the help of our kettle. We have a refrigerator which we fill with lettuce, Swiss cheese and salami. We also have food stamps that allows us to eat with the hotel’s staff canteen. Mostly we fall asleep in our bed after exhausting but great skiing. Pain in the joints, muscles and spines are commonplace but has started to slow now and exchanged to more trained bodies. Among the highlights is when we have guests, it’s great to get to know new people but also to see other people’s joy in meeting like-minded.

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