Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a member to get access to 15 -30 % discount on accommodations, travels, ski insurance, ski equipment, join member events in Sweden or Switzerland etc?

Yes you hav to be a full member of either Skiers Access or skibum50plus. We have staff working full time to ensure you the best accommodations, best skiing and high quality in services around Switzerland, and in Wengen – Jungfrau Region we meet up in person att the train station in Wengen.

Can I book my accommodations, travels or flights on booking.com, hotels.com etc and still get the member discount?

No you have to do all bookings via our site or with the hotels directly with your member code (in some cases) and we always are here to help you just a mail or phone call away. Ski packages with STC also have to be booked on our site in the form or via phone directly with STC in London. You can (NOT) book via their own site and get the member discount.

I think I saw that the transfer ticket for Swiss trains are cheeper online compered booking it with you.

Thats totally wrong! On the SBB site the prices presented are from prices. First of all you can never get an ordinary train ticket cheeper than the transfer ticket, and booking the transfer ticket with us/ STC is 5% under the already great price SBB presents. Then STC have a 1% card fee so in total you have (4% discount).

Do I really need a combined ski & travel insurance visiting Switzerland, I already have my home insurance?

This is a delicate subject to say the least. Well an insurance you just need if something happens that you didn’t count on. The ski/ travel insurance that we present ”world wide insurance” is special  for rescue with helicopter, glacier skiing, off-pist, emergency health care, lost skis, canceled flights, lost ski days etc. Check you’re home insurance by reading through the terms (your self) and compare. Also keep in mind that you have to pay costs cash if visiting a hospital for example, and a helicopter rescue can be around 10.000 € 


I wonder if you are a travel agency?

The answer is no we are not a travel agency, we are an alpine ski club for members. When purchase a travel package it is between you and STC (Swiss travel center) also insures you that your travel is covered by their travel guarantee under UK laws, comparable with Swedish travel guarantees.

I will do my own bookings via your site to get the member discount on just accommodations, does this include some form of travel guarantee?

This is the really big difference between booking your travel on your own or via a travel agency such as STC. Its simple and easy online but you will not be included by the same guarantees that STC provides. If you do your own bookings we strongly recommend you to ad our ski and travel insurance to cover gaps between your home insurance, and/or flight companies services, etc. And keep in mind that if you book your stay via booking engines your member discount is not valued , you have to do it from our site or in some cases call in your booking directly to the hotel.