Wengen our review/ svenska ovan

Here is a review from our stay in Wengen in February.
We all know that Switzerland offers great skiing areas. We decided to take a closer look at the worldcup village ”Wengen” a classic exclusive ski resort with greater history than the most skiing areas in the world, of course together with the famous Mürren and Grindelwald.

This is a short scan of the resort, to be more looked at in the depth. This is the place where alpine skiing and race skiing was born by great influence and initiative by British society, never the less not possible without the knowledge, work effort and entrepreneurs among the locals.

Facts: The village is 1274 m over see level, car free and holds 1300 citizens. Business is alp farming and tourism winter and summer.
SkiSlopes are 110 km and 30 km sledging runs
Lifts 2 T- bars, 10 chair lifts 1 gondola, 1 cable car and 2 trains.

The village is small with a nice main street surrounded with local stores, restaurants and hotels. There is also a train station where the trains mostly leave and arrive in time ( this is Switzerland!)
The accommodation
We stayed at Romantic Hotel Schönegg. This is a 3 star hotel that delivered service and quality high above it’s rating. The service during breakfast and dinner was overwhelming in a beautiful and nice and friendly environment.


We stayed with half board including 5 course dinner. Quality and performance of the food reached high levels and the soups presented by the head chef was just amazing!Taste and composition off all the dishes well performed in the upper scale of ratings.



Our double room was on the big side with great space and a nice luxury bed. The room had a terass and a great view over the Jungfrau and the village. We were also impressed by the Schöneggs sauna and relax facility that we used after skiing and recommend to others to get in shape for the slopes.

Talking about loving snow and the middle Europe snow, this is it! We tested blue and red slopes through out the ski system and was highly impressed with the work put down to make the pistes getting along with our skis. Staff working by the lifts and in restaurants were welcoming and kept a high service standard. Food nearby the slopes was impressive and the portions great to the size. Our favorite slope was no 24 and parts of Lauberhornrennen the famous downhill race from the worldcup.



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